My skin looks absolutely amazing. Lynette Is truly gifted. She imparts lots of education so that after your skin treatment or procedure you can care for your skin and have that same glow long after you leave her salon. She is expertise at looking at your skin and knowing exactly what your skin needs. She also is great at working with a wide variety of budgets. It would be an incomplete review… if I did not include that she is a highly energetic beautiful compassionate caring positive person. She is so empowering!!


I have continued to see Lynnette at Pulse 369 since my initial review. I continue IPL treatments but have added Microneedling on a regular basis. Wow. The results are fantastic. Lynnette continues to keep current on the best skin care treatments and provide what is most effective for your skin care needs. I continually receive complements on my 66 year old skin. Lynnette offers top of the line services with reasonable prices and I look forward to continuing my treatments.


I have had the photo facial 4 tines now- over an 18 month period.

It took the second time to really see results, but see them I did!
Third time it all but erased a huge sunspot right on my cheek.

I feel like a jerk, because I can’t remember the aestheticians name; it’s a little different. She’s so awesome though, and I hope she forgives me!

She always sends me home with goodies, and last time I got Retin A pads. What they do is neatly erase the small lip lines on my top lip!
I was going to get injections- don’t need it now.
She’s honest, and I take what she tells me- and do it!

You’ll save a ton of money, and be happy happy.

In fact, my friend from California FLYS out to go with me to have her treatments.
It’s cheaper than in CA- WITH the flight !
That’s 5 stars right there…


So happy to have found Pulse369 several years ago. I have gotten great results with the photo facial and have recommended friends and family.


Lynette at Pulse 369 is experienced and the best. My skin looks younger and I’m very pleased. The products she used are amazing. I will continue to go back.☺❤


Lynette has been such a joy to work with over the past few months in helping to address my sun damage and acne prone skin. I bought a 10 pack of IPL due to the unbelievable pricing, and have completed 5 treatments at this point. I have never felt so comfortable and more in touch with my skin, and appreciate the thoughtfulness and care she puts into each treatment with me. It is truly the best part of my week to go in and get treated by her. I recommend her to all of my friends, and will continue seeing her beyond my package purchase. Highly recommend her services!


Super easy to find & clean, pleasant treatment area. Excellent, friendly and kind service! The technician really listened and examined my skin before the treatment and offered additional services if I was interested. The products used were the highest quality and the same used in doctor’s offices. The prices are extremely reasonable and smell divine! Overall great experience and well worth the try! Amazing results so far! Will go again!


Lynette did a great job and was very friendly. I’m happy with the results of the vein removal and had very little discomfort after it was done.


I had a really good experience. Getting there was a bit tricky but once there, it was nice. Lynette explained everything very well, she’s a very knowledgeable technician and had information about my skin. I am anxious to have more treatments.


I have only had one laser treatment so far but Lynette is awesome!! Super friendly and explains everything in detail.


I just had a 3rd treatment with Lynette and as always she is very interested in providing just the right care and treatment needed. Thank you for being so great!!!


This is my 4th visit. The results have been amazing, skin is tighter like a facelift. No one believes my age!


Lynnette is a terrific technician! You will see amazing results. The products she sells are fabulous.


Lynette was very informative; she told me exactly what she was doing and discussed alternatives. I was very pleased with my first experience.


Lynette was great and helped me through the laser process. I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable. Looking forward to my next laser treatment!!


Lynette was amazing to work with. This was my first time having any laser work done so I was a little nervous. She explained everything, made me very comfortable, and made sure to check on how I was doing throughout the treatment. I’m excited to be coming back and am looking forward to my next appointment.


First time having laser treatment. Lynette was wonderful. I will be back for additional treatments!! Would recommend to my friends and family in a heartbeat!


Laser treatment- The first time worked! I will be going back for more… this is a great fix for age spots. Lynette is an expert in skin care.


Lynette is a wonderful, caring and experienced aesthetician. She pays attention to minute details to ensure you get the best possible skin results you want…..Looking younger with a healthy glowing face. Thanks Lynette for taking care of my face.


Lynette is so experienced in her field. I loved the time she spent with me giving me a real education about treatment options. She is giving and fair in her pricing. I will continue to see her. She is honest, realistic, sincere all qualities I appreciate.


Great service! Have been extremely happy with every treatment that I have received there.


Lynette is an AMAZING aesthetician!! She is knowledgeable and professional. I would not go anywhere else for services! I have been her client for over 2 years!


I had an appointment last week and had several procedures on my face and neck. Amazing equipment and I am thrilled with the results!


Very nice experience. Lynette very friendly and knowledgeable. She helps you feel at ease, gives you all the information necessary to succeed and answers any questions you have, inviting you to contact her after your appointment should you have any further questions.


Lynette is a joy! She takes her time, thinks about your procedure and makes recommendations for your personal situation. Would definitely recommend her and I have.


Fabulous Experience! Lynette knows skin care! Love the treatment I got! I learned about the best sunscreens. She is a gem!


Wonderful trained technician with a heart of gold. Lynette is an amazing qualified technician with a passion for skin care. She is simply beautiful from the inside and out and always takes the time to educate the client. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who cares about keeping their youth.


The first tx worked, I will be going back for more-this is a great fix for age spots. Lynette is an expert in skin care.


Was very pleased with how much information Lynette knows about skin care and lasers. Love how my skin looks after the treatment.


Great experience! Great results! Lynette spent a lot of time with me explaining about skin care and the treatment was effective. I definitely recommend her.


Very pleased with the service! She listened, asked questions and answered my questions. It was my first time with Laser or having any laser treatments. I will be back!


Quality treatments and products! Lynette really cares about her clients and provides top-notch, professional service. Her natural sun protection products are outstanding as well.


Pulse369 is awesome! My skin has continually improved since my visits with Lynette began 2 months ago. She is great and always takes the time to answer my repetitive questions! Ha!


Wonderful experience! I went for my first laser skin tightening and Lynette was great! She explains everything thoroughly and is really fun to talk with. Going back for more treatments.


Lynette was wonderful during the last treatment as she always is! Always makes you feel comfortable and the new laser causes less discomfort. Good all around experience.


Amazing! I had my 2nd photo facial done and I love the results. The process is practically painless and done in less than an hour. Lynette is fabulous and is great to talk to during the treatment. I will definitely continue to see her.


My treatment with Lynette was a pleasure in every aspect. At no time did I feel that she was in a rush to get you in and out. She took the time to listen and then tailored the treatment that was the best for me. All around wonderful and would recommend her totally.


I had the skin tightening process done with Lynette. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently and had noticeable loose skin around my face and chin which is where Lynette treated. It worked very well and friends could see the difference the very next day. I’m very happy with the treatment and Lynette. I will be going back for more.


Good technician and I was really impressed with Lynette. The first time I have had a laser treatment but Lynette made me feel comfortable and explained everything thoroughly.


I learned a ton of great information in one session with Lynette. She wants you to get the right treatment for true realistic results….appreciated!


Great service and I had a 2nd PhotoRejuvenation. Lynette is always very nice and friendly.The results are great!! I can’t wait for the next treatment.


Awesome! This as my second visit and it gets better each time. Love my results. Lynette the laser tech is nice, personable and very knowledgeable.


Great service! I have only had one laser treatment so far but Lynette is awesome!! Super friendly and explains everything in detail.


Lynette is a terrific technician! You will see amazing results. The products she sells are fabulous.


Fabulous experience! Lynette was very professional and knowledgeable about skin care. I will be back for additional treatments!


I like to have my facials there. Lynette is always friendly and knows what she is doing. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.


First time having laser treatment. Lynette was wonderful. I will be back for additional treatments!! Would recommend to my friends and family in a heartbeat!


Awesome individualized treatment and care. I just had a 3rd treatment with Lynette and as always she is very interested in providing just the right care and treatment needed. Thank you for being so great!!!


Lynette was very knowledgeable and friendly. She always made me feel at ease. I have recommended Lynette to all my friends & anyone I come across. You will not be disappointed.


Excellent service great experience! Will be back again. She was very knowledgeable. Gave great tips. And advice.


Lynette is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her profession. The extra time and personalized recommendations she gave are greatly appreciated. I’ll be going back soon 🙂!


Lynette was absolutely delightful. She went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect products for my skin care regimen.


Painless procedure to help remove sun spots! I’m very pleased. I’m going to try the micro needling and skin tag removal next.


Great Job
Had a wonderful microdermabrasion today with Lynette! She is very knowledgeable about skin care, healthy eating habits, a real wholistic approach. Love how my skin feels after my appointment! Money and time well spent!


Do your skin a big favor and go see Lynette! Wow! She is true professional , amazing knowledge and attention to detail. I am so impressed with my experience at Pulse 369 that I had to leave a review to let the world know about Lynette and how great you will look after you go see her! Cheers!

A O.

Loved the IPL experience! Lynette is so knowledgeable about skin care and products. Her energy is great and you can tell she's all about giving you the results you desire.


Always have a relaxing time at Pulse369. I love the results from the photofacials and the conversation is always delightful and educational.


I have enjoyed going to Pulse369. Lynette is so knowledgeable about skin and the many treatments offered. Whether you are a regular client of skin services or you are thinking about starting treatments, she is experienced, professional, trustworthy and affordable. I highly recommend Pulse 369.


As a fellow health practitioner, I recognize Lynn as knowledgeable, efficient, honest, and gentle with her work.


Lynette is amazing - she truly knows how to turn back the clock - and has lots of health knowledge also in the side - she’s amazing


This little hidden gem is stellar! From the start, I knew I was in capable hands. My IPL facial was phenomenal! As gentle, experienced hands guided the laser over my face, I knew I'd be returning soon for another fix.


I had my 3rd laser treatment mainly to reduce superficial spots and broken capillaries. I’m very pleased with my results! Lynette is wonderful.


Lynette is knowledgeable about lasers & skin treatments! My skin looks great and I get compliments all the time. 💗💗💗 Thank you!


Amazing services! Feel refreshed and ready to go. Can't wait until my next appointment!


Lynette does an excellent job in every way! She is both professional and knowledgeable. She is the only aesthetician I see.


Lynette is a skin expert! I recommend her to everyone I know and she has the best prices in town. She has also great energy and very professional. I look forward to each visit and always see results each time.


Lynette is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to design an individualized program for your skin. Her products are outstanding as well as her advice.